About us


Our Canberra facility

Our Canberra facility

Where we come from

We come from a strong belief that climate change is the crisis of our time, and therefore any attempt to address or mitigate climate change needs to be inspiring and purposeful.

We believe that we have to reimagine not only what the world will look like tomorrow, but how we implement the changes necessary to do better today.

We know that any solution for change, has to disrupt equally as much as it must fit the needs of our clients.

Where we’re heading

At Goterra we do more with less, create opportunity where none existed and find different ways for new ideas to integrate into existing ecosystems .

We celebrate diversity, welcome adversity and enjoy learning, which is how we came to imagine that we could take a robot, fill it with maggots and manage food waste onsite, where waste happens.

Our technology was inspired by the vastness of the Australian landscape and the regional connectivity of our agricultural supply chains. We know that if our system can work here, and deliver capability to remote regions across Australia, then it is an enduring solution that can integrate into waste management ecosystems across the world. We’re Australian, but we’ve a global vision for decentralised waste management, with insects in our modular units.